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Message from the Chairman

Message (The Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association)

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 The Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association were merged into Japan Chemical Fibers Association (JCFA), and newly started as committee in JCFA in July 2014. We are actively promoting information dissemination, market development, and policy proposal in order to achieve healthy development of carbon fiber industry and diffusion of carbon fiber materials.

 Ever since its introduction to the market in the 1970’s, carbon fiber has been used in applications that utilize its “light-weight and strong” advantages. It was first used for sporting items such as tennis rackets and golf clubs, and then was used as a primary structural material of airplanes, and also for industrial applications – blades for wind energy, pressure vessels, automobile parts, industrial rolls, and earthquake-resistance reinforcing materials of buildings. Through the use in the wide variety of fields, carbon fiber has steadily progressed in expanding its market.

 Also, the demand of carbon fiber is increasing more than ever since it is an innovative material that can contribute to mitigate global environmental problems such as exhaustion of resources and global warming by significantly reducing the weight of airplanes and automobiles, saving energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. In recent years, along with the market expansion, efforts to commercialize recycling are being promoted. In order to build awareness throughout the world that carbon fiber is a material contributing to mitigate global warming, we are promoting the idea of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), which verifies reduction of environmental load throughout product life cycle.

 We will popularize carbon fiber, which is an excellent advanced material, and contribute to the industrial development of Japan and the world. We believe it is an important role for us to contribute to environmental protection, to prevent global warming, and to realize a sustainable society. We will continue to deepen our cooperation among our members and with related parties, and we will continue to work on activities to promote the healthy development of the carbon fiber industry. Your continued understanding and kind support will always be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

July, 2017
The Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association
Chairman, Yasuo Suga